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We are a “Hosted Solutions Provider”, offering fully managed hosted PBX cloud communications and SIP Trunking

With the onslaught of the pandemic of 2020, traditional telephone systems are becoming a thing of the past due to the need of working remotely along with greater flexibility. Choice 1 Communications decided it was time to move away from traditional PBX’s and invest in the future of Hosted IP PBX’s. We had been contemplating this for several years prior, but 2020 pushed our decision forward. After 20 years of offering & installing traditional telephone systems, Choice 1 Communications has begun to only offer Hosted IP PBXs on our own C1Cinc platform. Hosted PBX brings many new and needed features in today’s demanding work environment such as smartphone integration, desktop applications, remote workers, web management, and ease of multi facility applications.

Choice 1 Communications being a “smaller” business, understands the constraints of monthly business operating expenses, which we believe has made us an aggressively priced alternative to the “Big” company solutions. With over 60 years of combined telephony experience, we understand how to correctly install and program, to accommodate your company’s needs with little to no interruptions, as well as making the system function and operate as easily and smoothly as possible. We are always continuing to make improvements and adding more new features to stay current in today’s marketplace.
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The Future of Telephone Systems

Choice 1 Communications was founded in 2000 as a traditional telephone systems integrator. Founder and President Shayne LaCounte has been instrumental in sales, service, and repair of countless types of telephone systems for over 30 years with affiliation of Panasonic Communications as far back as 1987. The introduction of the internet, and rapid development of internet infrastructure, has evolved communications from the traditional premise-based communication systems to Hosted IP PBX communication platforms. Choice 1 Communications beleives the future lies with these Hosted platforms, but still offers traditional legacy telephone systems when a Hosted platform does not fit a customer's specific needs. No worries, Choice 1 Communications will continue servicing existing tradtional legacy equipment well into the future.

Hosted PBX Benefits:

Hosted PBX systems can provide a plethora of benefits. Below are just some of the incredible benefits you can expect when you go hosted!

  • NEVER MISS A CALL - Callers never hear a busy signal. Route calls/messages anyway you want.
  • REDUCE COSTS - Reduce Maintenance and monthly phone bills.
  • AUTOMATED VIRTUAL RECEPTIONIST - Directs incoming calls and plays custom messages.
  • KEEP YOUR NUMBER - Add additional numbers outside of network.
  • MOBILE APP - Calls can be answered or dialed on the move anytime or anywhere without using personal numbers.
  • VIRTUAL FAXING - Transmit and receive faxes from your desktop.
  • CONFERENCE LINE - Traditional conference and video conferencing.
  • EASY SET UP - Manage your own system from your desktop.


Choice 1 Communications specializes in all things telephones! Need some assistance? Look no further!

  • Timely Repair
  • Emergency Service Availability
  • Years of Expertise
  • Specializd Technicians and Tools
  • Free Remote Repairs (Dependent Upon Problem)

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Security Tips

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