Security Systems and Door Access Control

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Choice 1 Communications is one of the largest and longest running Paradox systems integrators in the Midwest. Paradox offers complete protection against burglary, fire, smoke, heat and water damage, offering leading edge technology in the market. Offering up to 192 zones, integrated door access controls, 8 partitions, IP communication, smartphone integration systems; Paradox has a solution to suit any application. With security from Choice 1, you always have peace of mind while away from your property or sleeping.

ProdataKey offers a comprehensive cloud based door access control system for almost a countless number of doors. Manage users, lock and unlock doors, change system preferences, and more all from a single app. Manage your system from anywhere and receive automatic cloud updates. Track events as they happen from any internet connected device, allowing complete control of who and what each person has access to. The best new? No more lost or stolen keys!


Have your system installed by world class technicians from only the cleanest of installations. We pride ourselves on the elegance of each unique system installation.

  • Trained and Friendly Technicians
  • Hidden Cabling (Nearly Invisible)
  • Verified Signal Reporting
  • Customer Training
  • Tested and Verified Functionality
  • No Mess Left Behind


Choice 1 Communication's long time commitment with Paradox allows us to offer a 5 year manufacturer warranty on all Paradox parts.

  • Timely Repair
  • Emergency Service Availability
  • Years of Expertise
  • Specializd Technicians and Tools
  • Free Remote Repairs (Dependent Upon Problem)


Choice 1 Communications surveys all reports from our monitoring station, catching most problems often times before they even show physically. Free remote maintenance is included in your monthly monitoring fee.

  • Daily Signal Inspection
  • Free Remote Maintenance Included in Monitoring Fee
  • Long Term Dedication to Customers
  • Fire System Testing Available

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Security Tips

  • 73% of burglars prefer not to burglarize a home or business with an alarm.
  • Most common methods of entry for burglars are the front door, back door, or breaking a window.
  • Bright outside lighting can reduce the likelihood of theft or invasion.
  • Reinforce your doors with 3 inch screws to help against forced entry.
  • Meet your neighbors. Neighbors can help keep a lookout for you and notify you of anything suspicious.
  • Avoid telling strangers or posting on social media when you plan to be, or are on, vacation.